What’s Included In Our Pressure Washing Service

The average Joe is very good at scheduling in regular window cleaning appointments but when it comes to pressure washing, Vancouver residents and business owners tend to overlook the need for clean sidewalks, walls and driveways. Often, this is because people aren’t aware that you can actually hire professional pressure washing experts. Of course, you […]

Pressure Washing Vancouver Sidewalks Can Be A Complex Task

Pressure washing Vancouver sidewalks is one of our most frequent jobs, but from time to time, they need a bit of extra attention. From the image above, it just looks as though the sidewalk is wet from the Vancouver’s notorious rain showers. In reality, those rains have mixed with fallen leaves and stained the concrete […]

Why Hire Professional Pressure Washing Teams In Vancouver?

A bit of a spring clean on the outside of your home is a great way to spend a sunny Vancouver weekend. However, when it comes to pressure washing, there are some distinct differences between DIY methods and professional techniques. Both have their advantages but here’s what to be aware of when using a pressure […]

Why Pressure Washing Can Do Wonders For Your Business

Winter has finally come to an end, but it’s presence is still very much visible on sidewalks and walls across Vancouver. Pressure washing can help make it better outside by removing any grimey moss and algae build up as well as the remains of rotting leaves, leaf stains, gum, and garbage – all of which […]

What are the best pressure washing techniques?

When it comes to pressure washing in Vancouver, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Poor pressure washing techniques will not only ruin your property, but can be dangerous to yourself and others. A high-pressure jet of water can slice through solid material and seriously harm another person. When this kind of pressure is applied […]