CURB APPEAL: Algae Attacks!

DIY or hire-a-guy, don’t overlook this effective step to refresh your home’s exterior. Removing algae from your home is like fighting off a zombie horde, it just keeps coming back. In the Vancouver area we see over 161 rainy days per year. This wet environment, combined with cloud cover provides the perfect environment for zombie/algae […]

How to improve curb appeal

Tips for sprucing up your home. Curb appeal is the attractiveness of your home’s exterior when viewed from the street, and is so important because it sets the tone for your entire home. Whether you are listing your home for sale, or keeping up the maintenance as pride of ownership, an inviting exterior creates a […]

Photo Contest and prize information

FUNNIEST BABY PHOTO CONTEST RULES  Please visit our facebook page to participate in our current contest running from March 1 2013 to March 31 2013. The winner will be announced on or around 04/01/2013. DESCRIPTION OF PRIZE Comprehensive curb appeal package for a detached single family residential home consisting of, but not limited to: exterior window […]

Why gutter vacuuming?

THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HAND-CLEANING AND VACUUMING As a preface to this article, a more detailed description of why gutter cleaning is important can be found here. When selecting cleaning contractors and reviewing quotes its important to know upfront how they plan to access your gutters and perform the work. There are a variety of methods […]

How to use a ladder safely

Ladders are portable hazards and knowing how to use them safely will give you the confidence to carry out many tasks around your home. Consider that falls from ladders are among the most common injury in any industry attributing to 1500 deaths annually, with over 100,000 people hurt enough to seek medical treatment. According to […]

Dangers of Bird Droppings

A memorable scene from the movie Fight Club displays the ultimate revenge against luxury car owners. Edward Norton and Brad Pitt lay down massive amounts of bird feed on the roofs of luxury car dealerships resulting in the absolute covering of the cars in bird droppings. The scene, a point of humour in the movie, […]

A brief history of the window cleaning industry

The profession of window cleaning is the result of a synergistic relationship between two separate innovations of human civilization: Glass making and building construction. Both of which are the product of rich, long histories in their own right. To provide the context for this article, extremely brief overviews are given to set the stage and […]